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Meet Rebecca Lynn (she/her) 

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Most sixth graders played Barbies and liked going to the mall, but I was busy climbing rocks and trees, getting yelled at for being too loud, and scouting cool locales to shoot my first films. I was born to forge my own path and capture incredible stories and tear-jerking moments – the ones you never saw coming.

Momma was not surprised when I got degrees in Film, Management, and Social & Artistic Entrepreneurship. I was not surprised when my independent short films aired at 30 film festivals across the US and abroad, and won all kinds of awards. And you shouldn’t be surprised that I found the work I was meant to do in wedding filmmaking. My work as a Pacific Northwest wedding videographer combines salt-of-the-earth people, gut-wrenching love stories, and some wild parties, so obviously it’s the perfect job for me.

I’ll grab my camera! 

“Rebecca is a GEM. You can’t find anyone like her or her work ANYWHERE. She has such a free-spirited, fiery energy that is SO contagious. She knows how to bring out the best in you and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone who will listen!” 

— Kadi Berry 

What am I NOT afraid of?

The messiness and imperfection of being human! 

What am I afraid of?

Making films that feel like every other wedding reel out there. Boring. I don’t do it.

Bring every part of yourself – the more honest and raw, the better. That’s why you’ll never see me doing two videos exactly alike. Every couple has their story, their vibe, so each and every one of my films do, too. I embrace diversity, quirks, awkwardness, silliness and letting yourself be weird AF! 

I believe in: 

✔ Helping couples celebrate the best day of their lives (and partying it up!).

✔ Badass couples who are madly and wildly in love. 

✔Celebrating all love stories and creating an accepting, affirming space for them to be told. Don’t matter who you love or what ya look like — I’m here for it. 

✔ Making everyone feel beautiful in the skin they’re in, regardless of body shape or size.

✔ Couples who love to let loose and revel in the moment.

✔Couples who are present with each other and value each other for being just who they are.

✔ The beauty of an imperfect wedding day. (Because let’s be honest — a perfect wedding day doesn’t exist.)

“The ultimate HYPE woman! She is everything you could want for a videographer on your wedding day. Rebecca is so positive, kind and makes everyone feel like they’re the most beautiful/handsome person in the world. I have been a Wedding Planner in Chicago + around the US, and to say I have worked with MANY videographers is an understatement.”

 - Ashley L 


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