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PNW wedding videographer for the wild at heart 

You’re a natural-born star — ain’t no need for a Hollywood-esque wedding film that feels rehearsed, pressured, staged or awkward, or even worse – not really you

Let’s make a piece of art that shows off the good stuff: those big wedding day moments that make you laugh, cry and twerk-till-you-hurt. 

It all comes from your “special sauce” as a couple: what is it about being together that makes your heart race, your knees weak and your belly ache from laughter? That’s the kind of stuff I dig for. That’s the stuff a real love story is made of. 

When working with me, expect:

Tear-jerking, knee-slapping, soul-igniting videography that lovingly and honestly portrays you, your family, and your friends with the work of top-notch artistry. 

To have fun! To be silly, and gain a best friend who’s cheering you on.

To feel relaxed, at ease, and most importantly, to feel like you can let go and be yourselves on one of the biggest days of your life. 

As your Seattle & Portland Wedding Videographer, I’m here to capture the real and honest moments that make you, y’all. 

Shots Of Tequila Are On Me


“I can’t explain the magic of what she does. It very quickly becomes working with your best friend."

Wedding Film Packages

The El Diablo

what's included:

A 6-10 minute highlight film set to a curated soundtrack (delivered via link) 
Second videographer (aside from moi!) 
Up to 9 hours of 4K video coverage on wedding day
Full length video of ceremony 
Full length video of toasts 
Full length video of the first dances 
Three camera setups for three different angles 
Professional audio sound quality 
Travel included for Seattle and Austin weddings

YOGMO! (That’s “You Only Get Married Once,” duh.)
So let’s go all out, starting with your 6–10 minutes of fame in the form of a wedding highlight film, and ending with additional films for your ceremony, toasts, and first dances. That’s four films, three cameras, and a whole lotta movie magic

The Paloma


what's included:

A 5-8 minute highlight film set to a curated soundtrack
Up to 8 hours of 4K video coverage on wedding day
Full length edit of ceremony 
Full length film of toasts 
Second videographer (aside from moi!) 
Two camera setups for two different angles 
Professional audio sound quality 
Travel included for Seattle and Austin weddings

Toning it down, but still keeping it sassy, this package includes a wedding highlight film, ceremony video and toast video (that’s three films for the non-math peeps in the back). I’ll capture all those voice cracks, roasting jokes and rolling tears coming from your very near and dear so you can re-watch for decades to come.  

The Rosé


what's included:

A 3–5 minute highlight film set to a curated soundtrack
Up to 6 hours of coverage on wedding day
Two camera setups for two different angles
Professional audio sound quality 
Travel included for Seattle and Austin weddings

A highlight film revealing the most memorable moments of the day with hand-picked music and tailored color grading that will leave your cheeks aflush. 

The Bubbly


what's included:

A 4-7 minute highlight film set to a curated soundtrack
Up to 7 hours of 4K video coverage on wedding day
Full length edit of ceremony 
Two camera setups for two different angles 
Professional audio sound quality 
Travel included for Seattle and Austin weddings

Pop the bubbly — with this package, you’re getting a highlight film and video of the ceremony, leaving you all warm and fuzzy inside. Includes the best moments from getting ready, the ceremony, epic toasts, the reception and all the spur-of-the-moments in between.

Your Elopement Videographer

$3,500+ for Pacific Northwest & Texas elopements
$5,800+ for U.S. elopements
$8,500+ for international elopements

Elopements shouldn’t have to feel shameful, hidden or quiet. Elopements can be as loud and adventurous as you want it to be! It’s about just YOU TWO on your day with no muss and no fuss. 

Elopements can look like climbing a mountain at Banff National Park or hiking through the trees in the Redwoods. Standing under the natural arches of Moab or under the waterfalls of Yosemite. Or hell, even Vegas! This is your day and there are no rules — except to buy me a plane ticket so that I can come with ya.

Videography Add-Ons 

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage 

If you have a lot of family and friends expected at the rehearsal dinner (especially if giving meaningful toasts), I recommend booking me for the night. This includes a second videographer, lighting and professional sound quality to never miss a beat.

Video Guestbook $300 

A fun way to add some spark and heart to your video – the Video Guestbook is specifically for family and friends to say some encouraging words for the newly married couple, recorded during cocktail hour or at the reception. Best believe I’ll chase down every single one of your favorite people. 

Raw Footage

Want the WHOLE coverage of the event, unedited, and untouched? Different from my other offerings, raw footage gives you EVERYTHING I shot that day, and I mean everything. Note: this is completely unedited. 

Additional Films $200+

You’re already getting a wedding highlight film with your main package, but are you jonesin’ for standalone footage of your ceremony, or toasts, or formal dances too? No prob, my dude. That’s what these à la carte films are for.

Additional Hours $200/hr

If you’d like to add more hours of coverage to capture more getting-ready moments, the reception, the after-after party…whatever, add it to your tab! 

dad Cam $350

That's right. Get ready. I will assign a couple of people in your wedding party and/or family to hold an old 90's style camcorder ALL DAY AND NIGHT. It will be up to them to document your wedding through their own lens. At the end of the night, I will take that camcorder and develop the footage to include throughout your highlight film! MAJOR THROWBACK VIBES LET'S GOOOOO!

Here’s how it works: 


After the wedding festivities are over, you’ll receive your video within 4-6 months of your wedding day. This gives me proper time to work my craft and create a beautiful piece of art that the two of you will have for life! 


We meet for drinks. Or coffee. Or whatever gets you going. I’ll be spending a lot of time with you on your big day, so let’s get to know each other and become friends, eh?


Once we’re all BFFs, we can skip to the fun part — planning! We’ll discuss your vision for your wedding day and choose the best moments to film. I also collaborate with the other vendors at your wedding to keep the day smooth sailin’ and happy for all. 

About the woman behind the camera

No cookie-cutter BS. No been-there-done-that. My run and gun style of videography leaves nothing behind and my 5+ years in filmmaking and award-winning short films give me permission to let my freak flag fly. Yee-HAW. 

Rebecca Lynn films is a Texas-born, PNW-based Renegade woman-run film studio that captures the raw, real and wild moments of your wedding day to celebrate the real couple behind the wedding. 

Let’s Get This Show on the Road

Got a Q?

How do you work with photographers?

Part of my job is building relationships with the other vendors at your wedding! So your photographer and I will coordinate all of the behind-the-scenes details wellllll before wedding day so we’re 100% on the same page. 

Do you offer raw footage?

I do! You can also purchase a Documentary Film, which is a 40-65 minute video that includes all the extra special moments of the day that aren’t in your highlight video. The Documentary Film is edited, whereas the raw footage is not. 

How much do wedding films cost?

Package prices range from $3,950 to $5,150+. Everything is customizable, so don’t be shy — if you have a question, reach out and let me create a custom quote for ya.

How long are your highlight films?

Wedding films range from 3-10 minutes and elopement films range from 2-5 minutes. 

Do you bring lights to the reception?

Absolutely. I bring two lights with me to the reception. It’s important for us to brighten up your reception a bit to properly cover the toasts and dances. Bonus: photographers love this too as this gives them more light! 

How long will it take to get our film?

It takes me 6–8 months to make movie magic with your wedding footage (the industry standard is 6 months, btw). If you’re wondering where you are in the highlight queue, check out my Instagram highlights, which I always keep updated. 

Do you offer full-length videos of the ceremony, toasts and dances?

Sure do! Along with a Documentary Film, Rehearsal Dinner coverage, Wedding Video Guest book and others! 

Can we pick our own music?

Sorry, but no. That’s my one hard rule.  

How do you deliver our film?

Your highlight film is uploaded to YouTube/Instagram/Facebook, as well as in a digital folder sent to you to download. 

Do you mic us for the ceremony? 

I sure do! A lapel mic. 

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